El clima en la Patagonia Argentina

Best Time to Visit Patagonia at Hosteria Helsingfors

In timing with the best months to see Patagonia, the Helsingfors Lodge is open between October and April. Regardless of which month you choose to come, the lodge is both quaint and remote, offering a true escape into nature from the busy and hectic city life. Here is a quick rundown of what Helsingfors has to offer for travellers during each month during the season:

  • * October – Helsingfors Lodge prepares to open in the middle of springtime as the snow melts and the temperatures rise. While the temperatures are cooler than in the summer, this can actually be an incredible time to visit Patagonia. You’ll be one of the very first visitors for the season and the hiking trails will be nearly empty. This also increases the chances of seeing endemic wildlife that make this area home in Los Glaciares National Park.
  • * November – The final spring month of the year, this is a great time for an early holiday trip, especially during the Thanksgiving week. The area is still quiet and the temperatures become very comfortable in this period.
  • * December – Summer season officially begins and provides extended days of outdoor activities to celebrate the holidays, such as Christmas or New Years. You’ll be able to begin the new year with a fresh perspective after this exhilarating trip.
  • * January, February – This is the peak Patagonia season and is the most favorable time to see all the surrounding attractions. Temperatures become very comfortable and trails are open all over the area. While this does draw the most visitors to the area, it’s important to note that with Patagonia being such a remote area in the world (and with the Helsingfors being so secluded) you’ll be certain to find peace and tranquility regardless.
  • * March – The temperatures begin to cool into the fall months, but there are still lots of things to do. With diminished crowds, the local animals become more confident and are more visible. Additionally, the changing foliage during the fall presents incredible, breathtaking views as the red and yellow leaves contrast with the clear blue lagoons and white colors of the surrounding mountains. This is a great time for photography.
  • * April – As weather continues to cool towards the winter months, the Helsingfors Lodge eventually shuts its doors until the Spring season. However, this is still an excellent time to visit with so few people around. It can be a true period of adventure into nature and a time to clear your head.