Helsingfors - The Patagonia Luxury Lodge

    A unique destination in Patagonia, a place of incredible beauty with exclusive services and a sophisticated regional cuisine Helsingfors make an unforgettable place.

    Patagonia Luxury Lodge

    During the early XX century, a Finnish adventurer, Alfred Ranström, settled at the foot of the Andes Mountains, on the SW shores of Lago Viedma. As a memory of his fatherland, he named his estancia after his country's capital city: Helsingfors ("Helsinki" in Swedish). Here he lived with his wife, Marie Lisau and their children, lightening up this wonderful spot, never imagining that they would be the main characters in one of Patagonia's most touching stories. During the 60's, a traditional family from the province of Santa Cruz bought this beautiful land, and since 1995 they have been receiving visitors from all over the world who wish to discover Patagonia through a unique and exclusive experience such as we offer at Helsingfors.

    The lodge is surrounded by a majestic natural landscape, protected by lush woods which give way to a panoramic view of the lake, Mount Fitz Roy and the Andes Mountains.

    It has 9 rooms with a private bathroom, decorated and designed with an exquisite taste, combining colors and textures that blend in with the environment.

    Guests share their experiences around a large fireplace in the living area or enjoying a drink at the bar.

    A refined cellar with selected Argentine wines accompanies the delights of a sophisticated regional cuisine.

    * Located in Los Glaciares National Park
    * Nine exquisitely decorated rooms (some have whirlpool baths and others have Scottish showers)
    * Regular transfers from El Calafate on pre-specified days
    * Sophisticated regional gourmet cuisine
    * Open November through April.

    Helsingfors - 9 Cozy and Spacious Rooms

    Helsingfor Lounge

    Helsingfors Lobby

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Helsingfors - Patagonia History


This region, in the early twentieth century captivated a group of Norsemen, who settled in the area and played a leading role in the development of the lands of Santa ruz.

Alfred Ramstrom comes to Argentina in 1907, fleeing the plight Finland governed by the Russians as part of the power as the "Autonomous Grand Duchy", and Tsar as Grand Duke lived.

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Helsingfors history is intimately linked to the life story of Alfred Ramstrom, its founder.

Estancia Helsingfors - 9 Cozy Rooms


Bariedad offer a service to make your stay in Helsingfors as pleasant and comfortable.

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Our range of services will provide the guest the warmth of his house in Helsingfors.

Helsingfors Argentina Cuisine

Gourmet Kitchen

Part of the unique experience that is Helsingfors found in your kitchen, where our Chef delights guests with an outstanding kitchen gourmand.

Helsingfors has a garden itself and refined Argentine wines that accompany the delights of our regional cuisine where you can enjoy some typical dishes such as the exquisite Patagonian lamb or trout, along with the most tempting desserts.

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Gourmet Kitchen

Meet our Chef and his delicious gourmet cuisine and Patagonian Argentina.

Helsingfors Lodge Activities


Among the activities and excursions that we have options Helsingfors offers horseback riding, hiking, fishing, photography, watching, among others.

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We have a variety of activities for those who want a unique and authentic experience in Patagonia.