Helsingfors Lodge is located on the SW margin of Lake Viedma, in the "Los Glaciares" National Park, Santa Cruz Province in Argentina.

Arriving By Air

  • Traveling from El Calafate Airport - Patagonia
    The nearest airport of the region is in the town of El Calafate, roughly 180 kilometers from the Hosteria Helsingfors. This is the most popular means of arrival, and we arrange several transfers each week to and from the town in order to service our guests. The scenic drive takes about 3 hours and takes visitors through a beautiful charming journey before arrival at the lodge. We recommend spending a night in the town of El Calafate for both arrival and departure as the transfer to Helsingfors leaves in the morning and the transfer back to town departs in the afternoon.

  • Traveling from the town of El Chalten – Patagonia
    There is no airport in the town of El Chalten, but many guests like to explore the region, and this is a popular hiking destination. One can arrange a transfer to El Calafate for flights and can also arrange transfers directly to the Hosteria Helsingfors. The distance to the lodge from El Chalten is also 180 kilometers and takes a little over 3 hours.

  • Traveling from the town of Rio Gallegos – Patagonia
    Another popular air destination is the coastal town of Rio Gallegos. If this is your flight destination, you can travel by bus or car to the town of El Calafate, from where you can arrange a transfer to the lodge. The towns are about 300 kilometers apart, and it takes roughly 3 and a half hours to travel between them. Otherwise, guests can rent their own car and make the 6 and a half hour drive straight to the lodge themselves.

The Time in El Calafate, Argentina — Patagonia:
The Time in El Calafate, Argentina — Patagonia
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Arriving By Car

Amenities - Once you arrive...

The Hosteria Helsingfors Lodge has 9 rooms (seven doubles and two triples), all of them with private bath (some with Jacuzzi bathtubs and others with Scottish showers). Besides our traditional amenities, we have bathrobes for our guests to enjoy during their stay.

Your stay at Hosteria Helsingfors includes a gourmet kitchen with Daily Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner prepared by our local chef.