Exploring Torres del Paine

Set in the breathtaking region of Patagonia, Torres del Paine is one of the world's most incredible national parks. Named after several granite peaks that are instantly recognizable, the park also includes vast lakes, forests, glaciers, and wildlife that give it a distinctive Patagonian feel. With nearly 1,000 square miles to explore, thousands of hikers, horseback riders, and explorers visit the park each year, capturing spectacular scenery and enjoying a plethora of enjoyable outdoor activities. The park is considered by many to be the 8th wonder of the world and was recently voted as the world's best national park by National Geographic. It's definitely a place you'll want to visit!

Trekking and Hiking Amongst the Famous Mountains of Torres del Paine National Park

Trekking Torres del Paine

One of visitors' favorite ways to experience Torres del Paine National Park is through hiking. With over 60 miles of established trails to conquer, people get wonderful and varying views of this iconic region. Veteran hikers can enjoy multiple-day treks with overnight camping, but beginners can still enjoy many of the same trails through day hikes that aren't as physically grueling. With trails that cater to a vast range of skill sets, hikers of all ages and capabilities can enjoy this scenic beauty on foot.

  • • Ages are not deterrent.
  • • Easy walking or trekking available.
  • • Beginners to expert hiking opportunities.

Experience Torres del Paine National Park on Horseback

Torres del Paine Park Entrance

Another great way to enjoy the Torres del Paine in Patagonia is from the top of a horse. Horseback riding is very popular throughout the area, and makes for an incredible experience seeing all areas of the park. The horse also enables visitors to cover more ground and traverse the more challenging obstacles such as small streams and steep climbs. Experience the gaucho culture with Helsingfors!

  • • All levels of equestrian activities available.
  • • Options include short, medium and long rides.

The Advance of Torres del Paine National Park Glaciers

Glaciers Torres del Paine

One of the big interests in Patagonia Torres del Paine is the glaciers, the world's fastest growing glaciers and the third largest's water preserve on planet earth. Brave hikers can take on excursions through the ice, picking their way with axes and charting their own path with the help of a local guide. Another exciting way to take in the glacier is through the sport of kayaking. Across lakes and streams, you'll get to go right up to the blue ice, though be prepared for a solid workout. Known as the Paine Massif, this mountain range is an offshoot of the Andes Mountains, and is perhaps the most scenic. Popular areas in the park include: Lake (Lago) Grey and the Grey Glacier, Serrano Glacier, Glacier Balmaceda, and Lake (Lago) Sarmiento. Each site is as breathtaking as the one before!

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Best Time to Visit Torres del Paine National Park

When planning a trip to Torres del Paine National Park, it's important to take heed of several things. The peak season is during Patagonia's South American summer in December through February. The weather is more palatable and long days ensure a vibrant, cheery stay. However, many people like to come in the springtime around October or November to avoid crowds. While this is generally good too, it is wise to avoid the winter months because the nights get very long. Also, be prepared for a wide variety of weather conditions, which can shift or change abruptly. Rain, hail, wind, and sunshine are often all experienced in the same day!

How to get to El Calafate from Torres del Paine

For those adventurous travelers who are planning a lengthy stay in Patagonia (a week or more) and plan to cover both Chilean Patagonia and Argentinian Patagonia, then head down to our historic Lodge in Los Glaciares National Park. The Hosteria Helsingfors is a wonderful luxury lodge that offers guests peace and tranquility amongst the scenic beauty of Patagonia. Please note that the Torres del Paine National Park is located in nearby Chilean Patagonia and is not accessible for a simple day trip. However, for those considering staying at the Helsingfors lodge, you may want to make a side trip to Torres del Paine. It is a site to behold and is definitely a place you'll want to see. A hike to the park's famous granite towers is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, as is visiting the vast realm of this park, which offers a view of nature unlike any other. Many trips to Patagonia include both of these exquisite national parks. For an example of how you could organize such a vacation, download a detailed itinerary of a Patagonia Chile & Argentina tour which includes a visit to Hosteria Helsingfors.

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