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El Calafate, A National Glacier Capital

This quaint, bustling town set on the southern shores of Lago Argentina serves as the gateway point to Los Glaciares National Park and the incredible Perito Moreno Glacier. A very small village in years past, El Calafate has blossomed due to the heavy tourist interest in the area. Complete with many fine hotels and museums about the Patagonia region, the town serves as an excellent base camp for those exploring the iconic location.

Outdoor adventures abound in this remote, Patagonian town. Excursions and hikes to the nearby glaciers draw many visitors, as do boat tours on the lake and climbing tours in the surrounding mountains. El Calafate also houses several impressive museums about the region, including the renowned Glaciarium. A great way to explore the area is with the help of local guides and tours, in particular those provided by Calafate Excursiones, which offers trekking, boat, and whitewater rafting tours throughout the national parks in the area!

From El Calafate to Hosteria Helsingfors

Visiting the Hosteria Helsingfors is 111.8 miles from the El Calafate Airport, which makes the town an ideal landing point for visiting the lodge. The Estancia Helsingfors is an intimate rustic lodge set on the shores of Lake Viedma, offering supreme luxury and comfort deep within the natural beauty of Patagonia. Located within the Los Glaciares National Park and just 3 hours to the north of El Calafate, the Hosteria Helsginfors represents one of Argentina's favorite estancia for travellers to experience Patagonia privately and remotely.

El Calafate to Helsingfors Map

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