Trekking to Laguna del Morro

A half-day trekking Patagonia adventure crossing landscapes of dreams! This activity features a very long walk and hike, which is recommended only for advanced hikers.

After the guest's arrival to the lodge, the guide will organize the activities they will perform during their stay, which will be reconfirmed the night prior to the activity. Please remember that all activities are subject to change depending on Patagonia weather conditions, the residence time, and operational availability.

Rating of difficulty: Hard
Length of trip: 24 km.
Maximum height reached during the trip: 400 ms
Duration of trip: Round trip: 8/9.00 hs.


After getting to the Peninsula del Viento, the most adventurous hikers can choose to step on this challenging trail. After 4 hours on paths with irregular soil, we finally get to the Lagunas del Aserradero or del Morro. This is a truly magical place full of beautiful colors and contrasts. Well worth the trip, the lagoon shimmers with delight to trekkers. The experience in reaching such a pristine, natural pool is often breathtaking. This is what makes trekking Patagonia so spectacular. Two small lagoons seem to be almost green due to the reflection of the trees in the water. Looking at the horizon, you can see the Brazo Moyano with its intense sky blue. There are lots of trout in the lagoons, which were introduced in 1988. To go back to the Helsingfors Lodge, we take the same trail (4 hours), but this time we get the chance to see something totally different: the Lake Viedma, right in front of us. This is one of the finest excursions for trekking in Patagonia.

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