Trekking or Horseback to Blue Lagoon

An unforgettable walk for all; Enjoy the charm of nature in Patagonia as a couple, or with friends and family.

After the guest's arrival to the lodge, the guide will organize the activities they will perform during their stay, which will be reconfirmed the night prior to the activity. Please remember that all activities are subject to change depending on Patagonia weather conditions, the residence time, and operational availability.

Rating of difficulty: Medium
Length of trip: 16 km
Maximum altitude reached during the trip: 850 m
Duration of trip: by foot: 5 h 30 min / on horseback: 4 h 30 min

  • © Jussi Mononen, Flickr Horseback Riding in Patagonia
  • © Jon & George, Flickr Guanaco in Patagonia
  • © Bill Stanley, Flickr Fitz Roy from Helsingfors
  • © Federico Giovannini, Flickr Laguna Azul


The visitor sets out on an old grass trail that begins at the Helsingfors Lodge. The path enters the River Alfredo valley (the same river that provides energy to the lodge), gradually ascending the sides of the Huemul Hill with the soft music from the river as company. After a forty-minute walk, a most magnificent view can be seen, from where one can appreciate the magnitude of Mount Fitz Roy emerging from the other side of Viedma Lake. The path continues to enter deeper into the valley and becomes narrower, surrounded by the Cordón Huemul and its peaks that reach 2700 meters in height; the Blue Lagoon glacier can already be seen on the horizon. The footpath then leads into a forest of “lengas” and “ñires”. During the journey it is usual to see guanacos and condors curiously approaching to observe the visitor. After a one-hour walk at the end of the valley, one sees the river descending in escalating form on the rocks, forming a spectacular waterfall at a height of 300 meters. The journey continues bordering the mountain to where the river rises. This spot is reached after a fifty-minute climb and places the traveler at the same level of the perpetual snow that lies on the mountains surrounding. A ten-minute walk and a small wood separate the visitor from his objective. Upon arrival, one can see the Blue lagoon in a deep bright blue, contrasting with the darkness of the mountain and the whiteness of the glacier, which descends from the highest of the Andes Mountains to the very bank of the lagoon. The Blue Lagoon location is beautiful and invites visitors to contemplation and reflection in absolute silence, which is only interrupted by the sounds of the usual avalanches that take place from the summits falling to the glacier. This is all just part of what makes the Blue Lagoon in Patagonia, Argentina so special.

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