Patagonia - Basic Packing List

Essential Packing List for Patagonia Travel

Traveling to Patagonia quite often means heading to the opposite side of the world. How does one know what to pack for such an excursion? Especially when you consider the unpredictable weather in Patagonia and the often drastic switch of seasons faced by those visiting the Southern hemisphere, packing those bags can be a rather daunting task. Well, have no fear because we’ve created an essential guide to what clothing and items one needs when visiting Patagonia.

Weather in Patagonia, South America is very unpredictable, as is the case in many mountainous regions with varied terrain. It is not uncommon to encounter all the different weather types on a single day, even if traveling during the summer months. The only way to experience and fully enjoy this natural paradise to its fullest, is to come very well prepared so that the weather does not affect your daily activities.

The key is to always prepare for cold weather (i.e. on glaciers and in the mountains) and if the weather warms up, then you can take layers off throughout the day. The packing list for Patagonia below is a beginning to cover everything that you will need to bring to be comfortable during any of the activities in which you choose to participate.

Packing List for Patagonia

Always make sure to be prepared for anything when traveling to Patagonia, especially the weather changes. If you start by following the packing list for Patagonia above, you should be well on your way to an unforgettable vacation at Hosteria Helsingfors. See a detailed list of some the included activities during stay at our Patagonia lodge.