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Best Activities During A Patagonia Lodge Stay

While the Helsingfors Lodge does offer impeccable amenities and a cozy lounge to relax in, traveling to a destination such as Patagonia should often include heading outdoors and exploring the beautiful natural scenery that surrounds you. Here are some of the best things to do during your stay in our Patagonia lodge.

1. Horseback riding –
One of visitors’ favorite activities while staying at our Patagonia lodge is riding atop a horse as you take in all the delightful sites. Various day trips cover a wide range of equestrian abilities. A ride to the Mirador del condor requires a great deal of skill, while rides to the nearby Estancia Los Hermanos (a functional farm with sheep, llamas, cows, and horses) or the Blue Lagoon are easier. Whichever path (or paths) you choose, the experience of relishing in the glorious Patagonia scenery from the vantage point of a horse is indescribable and wonderfully unique.


2. Fishing – With several bodies of water to choose from and fishing rods available to guests, this sport is definitely one of the favored activities in Patagonia. At the Laguna Del Morro, where a greenish hue reflects throughout the water, trout fishing is a popular activity here. Just remember to throw the fish back into the protected habitat.

Fly Fishing at a Patagonia Lodge
Fly Fishing in Patagonia

3. Hiking – A variety of hiking trails pervade the area and trekking is a definite must-do Patagonia activity. There is a good balance of challenging and easier walks here for whatever difficulty level visitors prefer. While the Blue Lagoon hike is moderately difficult, the walk to the wind peninsula is quite gentle and offers a tremendous view of Lake Viedma. You’ll definitely want to head out and breathe in the fresh natural habitat surrounding the Hosteria Helsingfors, and hiking is certainly one of the best and most rewarding ways in which to do so.

4. Wildlife viewing & bird watching –
Numerous rare and exotic animals make Patagonia their home, and you’ll be certain to see many of them on your trip. The Andean Condor is a famous bird, while popular land mammals in the area include Patagonian Foxes and Guanacos. These are just a handful of the abundant wildlife set in this unique location and can be seen during a stay at our Patagonia lodge.

Wildlife & Birds in Patagonia
Wildlife & Birds in Patagonia

The Helsingfors Patagonia Lodge is open during peak tourism season from November through April, so book now for an exciting, special excursion to Patagonia. This incredible place in South America awaits…

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