Hostiera Helsingfors - Luxury Patagonia Lodge

5 Reasons to Stay at Helsingfors Lodge in Patagonia

Traveling to Patagonia can be a life-changing experience. A tremendous location full of wonderful activities is sure to set your heart free and refresh your mind. But finding the right lodge in Patagonia can be a challenge, especially for those coming from all over the world, who have never set foot in this South American destination. Here are 5 reasons why you will certainly want to stay at the Helsingfors Hotel for your vacation to a luxury lodge in Patagonia.

1. Scenic beauty like no other –
The Helsingfors Lodge is located right on Lake Viedma, one of Patagonia’s most incredible places. Breathtaking mountains surround the lake and offer guests a joyous backdrop in which to enjoy their daily activities or simply reflect. Inviting nature beckons from all around.
Helsingfors - Lake Viedma

2. An equestrian paradise –
Horseback riders will absolutely fall in love with this Patagonia Lodge. A variety of trails take riders throughout the hillsides, to serene lagoons, or even to a nearby ranch. A good variance of difficulty levels makes this experience open to all levels of equestrian expertise. But if riding isn’t your thing, numerous trails are also open to hikers and trekkers at Blue Lagoon in Patagonia.
Estancia Helsingfors - Horseback Riding Patagonia

3. Truly escape and get away –
Few places offer such a remote location as the Helsingfors. Located in Southern Argentina in the midst of the Andes Mountains, you’ll have all the peace you ever craved. Additionally the Helsingfors Lodge is exceedingly small (just 9 rooms), offering guests privacy and intimacy during their stay.

Patagonia Estancia
Estancia Helsingfors, Patagonia – “A Gourmet´s Journey into the Middle of Nowhere”

4. Experience a remarkable pastoral setting –
Set in a historic lodge, the Helsingfors luxury lodge in Patagonia takes visitors back in time to a place where a simpler, more relaxing life enfolded. Guests can even check out the nearby Estancia Los Hermanos, where a variety of livestock are raised. Under the shadow of beautiful mountains and set amongst a gorgeous lake, one can find the peace and tranquility they crave.
Lodge in Patagonia

5. Pristine amenities –
Comfortable and charming, the Helsingfors Hotel is where you’ll want to stay in Patagonia. A highly respected chef provides delicious daily meals while a relaxing lounge offers an inviting fireplace for guests to kick back beside. Proper items for all the lodge’s activities are available, and hotel staff is here to make your stay as wonderful and enjoyable as you ever could have imagined.
Helsingfors Lodge - Dining Area

The Helsignfors Hotel is open from November through April each year, during the peak season to visit Patagonia. Be sure to book now to secure this incredible adventure for you and your family. A unique and beautiful side of the world awaits…